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Preparing Fish

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If you want to try something different when fish is on the menu, there are a number of easy ways to enhance the flavor or create something new. Many different herbs, both dry and fresh, go very well with fish. Dry herbs such as paprika, cayenne pepper, curry, and Masala... more

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Smart Cooking Strategies

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Did you know that you can keep the eggs in the freezer? What do you do when you can’t find your piping bag? How do you make perfectly breaded chicken nuggets? For everyday kitchen problems, here are some smart cooking strategies you can apply: Yes, you can actually keep whole... more

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Cooking in French

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French cuisine contributed a lot of terms to the world of cookery. Indeed, a seasoned chef might even use these terms without giving a passing thought of its Gallic origins. What are some of these terms? Here are a few: Alumette. No this does not mean making an omelet of... more

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