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All About Food Poisoning

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Hot weather and ill-prepared food may contribute to food poisoning. Here are number of bacteria and their immediate effects that we all have to be aware of. Escherichia coli. Known more popularly as E. coli, this bacteria. E. coli is a very common bacteria as it occurs naturally in the... more

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MSG… Why Is It So Good?

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Except for some plants such as peas, mushrooms, tomatoes and potatoes, glutamates occur naturally in most plants and animals. Glutamate itself is in many living things. It is found naturally in our bodies and in protein-containing foods such as cheese, milk, meat, peas and mushrooms. For centuries MSG was derived... more

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All About Wedding Cakes

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Believe it or not, there’s more to wedding cakes than a tasty, cakes actually evolved from what may only be described as a hard, brittle bread to the multi-tiered confections that are now de riguer in any fashionable wedding. Here’s a rundown of some of the surprising trivia related to... more

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Leftover Marvels

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Does your family put up with the same leftover dish over and over again until it vanishes from the fridge? But there’s a better way to deal with leftovers! When properly stored, leftover meats can be reused and enjoyed as a different entrée. Here are some simple and inexpensive ways... more

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Improving the Nutritional Value of the Pinoy Breakfast

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Readily Available Kitchen Remedies

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Do you feel sick? Under the weather, perhaps? Do you have symptoms of fatigue? Don’t worry about the cost of curing them. You don’t have to spend a lot to cure common ailments. You can actually just run into your kitchen and prepare healthful remedies using common kitchen ingredients. Here... more

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Kitchen Cleaning “Brews”

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Inexpensive, homemade solutions could be your best cleaning aids “bubble, bubble, toil and trouble”? Nope, you won’t have to depend on the crafty potions of Shakespeare’s magical ladies in order to solve common kitchen and laundry cleaning problems. In fact, you can make your own helpful brews (re: cleaning agents)... more

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The Goodness of Grapes

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The grape is one of the oldest fruits to be cultivated going back as far as biblical times. Spanish explorers introduced the fruit to America approximately 300 years ago. Some of the most popular ways in which the fruit is used, is eaten fresh, in preserves or canned in jellies,... more

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Planning Your Menus

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Planning meals are important, especially now that Christmas is just around the corner. When you plan your menus, try to remember what makes up well balanced meals and think about providing enjoyable meals without a lot of effort. If you are planning a menu for guests, your first consideration might... more

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Recipes Are Lessons, Too!

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Recipes are wonderful tools for teaching the basic techniques of cooking. Each one is a mini-lesson of it’s own, and many of them are interchangeable for a variety of ingredients. Since necessity is often called the mother of invention (making lack of proper ingredients the father of invention), it’s easy... more

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