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Pack a Safe and Satisfying Lunch

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Packing a lunch with leftovers, a sandwich, or even purchased, single-serving foods, offers convenience and a cost-saving that can add up and save you generous amount of money. Health – reducing calories and fat – and preventing foodborne illness are, however, as important to consumers as saving money. Pack a... more

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Basic Information on Beef

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Here are some things that you should know for that fresh meat:   Aged beef, stored three to six weeks at 34 to 38 degrees in low humidity, undergoes an enzyme change that intensifies its flavor, deepens its color and softens the connective tissue. The longer meat is aged, the... more

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Uses of Lemon and Lime

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Lemons and limes have lots of uses inside and outside the kitchen. Here are a few practical tips on how to “maximze” their use: Six medium lemons yield 1 cup of juice; 1 medium lemon produces 3 tablespoons of juice or 3 teaspoons of grated peel. Six to eight medium... more

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Spotless Kitchen

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As homemakers, moms spend enormous amounts of time in the kitchen. Both pleasurable tasks such as baking and unpleasant duties such as cleaning consume time, energy, and valuable resources for any woman. Appropriate solutions and clean up tips can help minimize the time used for chores and maximize the time... more

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Scrap to Riches!

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Do you know that the cake scraps can be made into delicious dessert entrees? Don’t believe us? Well, here’s proof. And by the time you finish reading this, you’d be saving all your scraps for future use for sure. If you have leftover yogurt, freeze it and roll out scoops... more

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Deep-Fat Frying Tips

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Afraid that deep-fat frying will leave you with soggy tempura, singed fish, burnt crispy pata or, worse, blistered hands? Here are some deep fat-frying tips to make this specialized cooking style easy and safe. Before frying, make sure the fryer and all utensils you intend to use are wiped clean... more

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Feed Your Kids Right!

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Practical eating tips for kids to apply in their daily lives to achieve best health.   Children nowadays have special dietary needs although they can eat more fat, cholesterol and sugar than the average adult. They need the right food to build their bodies and bones and to keep up... more

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The Perfect Pot O’ Pasta

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Pasta is the one dish a lot of people claim to be able to cook. It is true, pasta is relatively simple to prepare. After all, anyone can boil water, right? Even so, there are a few simple tricks to making this most pedestrian of meals gourmet dishes. Don’t scrimp... more

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Leftover Food Tips

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Leftover foods? Don’t throw them! Here are some tips on how to make use of those leftover foods… To heat leftover tortillas, grease a skillet lightly with oil and place over medium heat. Dip tortillas in water and quickly steam-sauté them on both sides. Combine leftover mashed potatoes with chopped... more

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Cheese, Dairy and Egg Tips

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Plan to serve cheese at your next party? Always serve cheese at room temperature for optimum flavor! For best results and greater volume when making whipped cream, chill both the mixing bowl and the beaters. The colder the cream the better, too! To determine whether an egg is fresh, immerse... more

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