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How to Measure Beef Tenderness

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Where They Come From It’s a wise cook who knows where the beef cuts he needs come from. It will be easier for him to get his menu done and where to get the specific cuts his recipes call for. Here’s a primer from the U.S. Meat Export Federation; those... more

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Going Natural

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For years, herbs have been used to treat several ailments. Here is a list of herbal medicines and their uses: Recently, AMPALAYA has gained popularity for its use in the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus. Studies have suggested that ampalaya contains a certain plant “insulin” responsible for its blood sugar lowering... more

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Vanilla Trivia

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Would you believe that vanilla has a remarkable story, filled with history, intrigue, passion, and piracy? Although it is used as a flavoring for foods and beverages, only a few know that it is also the secret ingredients that makes a lot of medicines more palatable. It also makes some... more

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