Preparing Fish
by: Celebrity Recipes Magazine

If you want to try something different when fish is on the menu, there are a number of easy ways to enhance the flavor or create something new. Many different herbs, both dry and fresh, go very well with fish. Dry herbs such as paprika, cayenne pepper, curry, and Masala are good with fish. You can put the herbs directly on top of the fish, cook the fish with the sauce, or with some of the other accompaniments.

Fresh herbs such as Timian, Basilicum, Merian, Estragon, Parsley, Chervil, Rosemary, and Chives are also good with fish. Chop a handful of herbs and mix them with some oil and lemon juice. This can then be put directly on the fish before frying or placing it in the oven. The whole fish can be covered with herbs.

Fish can have a rather mild taste, especially if it is not very fresh. Add some lemon, lime or applejuice. Put some lemon juice on the fish or give the accompaniments a small amount of wine or vinegar (wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar are good).

If you are going to marinate a fish, you should always keep the fish in the refrigerator while it is marinating. As a rule one to two hours in the refrigerator should suffice as the fish is rather porous. Marinade from the fish should also be cooked if it is to be used in a sauce, otherwise it should be stored away in the refrigerator.

If you are planning on eating raw fish, (sushi), you must always make sure the fish has been frozen for at least one day and that the fish was very fresh before you froze it.

Cooked fish can easily taste like stewed fish if you do not keep to these simply guidelines: When the water is boiling, place the fish in carefully. The fish should be completely covered. Do not cook the fish too quickly or on high a heat. The water should only sizzle on the outer edges. The time for cooking depends on the fish.

You can also place some carrots, onions, who pepper corns and bay leaves before adding the fish. Some dry white wine can also enhance the flavor of the fish.

Fish can be fried in many different ways. Try adding both butter and oil to vary the taste. Dust the fish with flour or breadcrumbs before frying or dip in beaten egg and then sprinkle with some herbs such as parsley or estragon (aragon). Try and turn the fish over only once, as the fish can easily break apart as it becomes softer during frying.

You can also prepare many different sorts of fish at once if you are using an oven. Place them on a baking rack with some baking paper. Brush with some oil and lemon juice and chopped herbs then top with salt and pepper. Place the oven rack on the highest level at 250 C for about 5 minutes or according to the thickness of the fish. Remember not to cook it for too long or you will dry out the fish!

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