Enjoy Your Wine — To The Max!

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A glass of crisp refreshing wine — this exquisite drink evokes profound feelings and utmost pleasure especially when relished with loved ones. Wine, savored with openness and sensitivity, can turn the simplest occasions into a grand celebration of life.

The best way to appreciate wine is to involve the senses. Consider the following “test”.

The wine’s color, clarity and reflection of light reveal aspects of its character and quality. These can be vividly examined by holding up your glass of wine against a background like a piece of paper or tablecloth. To determine its body or alcohol content, swirl your glass gracefully until the wine dances near the brim. See how long it takes to flow down the side of the glass. Full-bodied wines trickle in sheet, then stream into droplets called “legs”. On the other hand, medium-bodied wines descend into smaller legs while light-bodied drinks flow quickly and evenly.

A wine’s smell is usually called the “nose”. Swirl the wine again and sniff the wine for about 5 to 10 seconds. Do you sense a whiff of fresh grapes? This is described as aroma, which is most noticeable in young wines. The bouquet on the other hand, denotes more complex scents that remind you of fruits, flowers, spices or herbs.

Now comes the actual tasting. Take a decent sip of the wine, whirl it around your mouth. Note any hints of sweetness, bitterness or acidity? Inhale some air then swallow. By doing this, you utilize your nasal passages to detect more flavors and character from the wine.

Take another sip, let it linger in your mouth for a while and focus now on the wine’s touch. How does it feel in your mouth? Light-bodied wines are those with thin and slightly watery texture. Medium-bodied wines have a fuller touch but not too heavy in texture while full-bodied wines impart a rich and mouth-coating feel. A wine with a clean finish leaves a nice, satisfying aftertaste without unpleasant tastes such as excessive bitterness, sweetness or tartness.

Overall conclusion.
An outstanding wine will have all above mentioned qualities in balance. In giving your conclusion, don’t be afraid to voice out what you have experienced. The bottom line is — a good wine is a wine that pleases you. So relax and enjoy.

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