Fat and Calorie Saving Tips

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Here are some tips on how you can reduce your fat and calorie intake:

  1. Reduce fat, increase fiber and save money by replacing half of the ground beef or poultry in a casserole or meatloaf recipe with brown rice, bulgur, or cooked and pureed dried beans.

  2. Sauté in a small amount of stock instead of butter or oil to save fat and calories.

  3. When a recipe calls for oil and honey, measure the oil in a measuring cup first and then measure the honey in the same cup. Every drop of the honey will easily slide out.

  4. Rub dried herb-and spice mixtures onto meat for added flavor without extra fat.

  5. When buying beef, find lean cuts of beef by looking for the words round, loin, extra lean or the leanest in the name. Cuts like top round, tenderloin or sirloin will be lean and healthy.

  6. Grill or pan fry (in a sprayed, nonstick skillet), many boneless/skinless chicken breast. Season them with seasoned salt and garlic powder. Cool and wrap individually in plastic wrap. Place wrapped chicken breast in a large zip lock bag and keep in the freezer. These are great for a quick Caesar salad, barbecue chicken salad (warmed in microwave with some low fat barbecue sauce), or chopped for a cold chicken salad.


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