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Eat Well, Live Well
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by: Celebrity Recipes

We, Filipinos are food lovers by nature. Whatever the times, but in our ups and downs, especially during difficult periods, we always turn to food as an outlet. And so, it is just important to know if we are eating healthily and the right way. Oftentimes when we eat a lot of pork and fattening food one day, and eat all-fruits and veggies the next day, we mistakenly think we’ve overcome the bad eating binge we had the day before.

Some also consider salads (as in any kind) as a non-fattening dish and healthy alternatives to meat. Well, this is a common misconception, and it’s time to correct this wrong notion and practice. Salad when overloaded with too much dressing loaded with fat, is a number one "no-no".

In a connection with that, Ogilvy & Mather conducted several studies on Eating Disorders among different households of all classes. This was participated in by Filipino families, wherein the agency’s Philippines brand planner Mayee Parungao enthusiastically shares, "We had long, informal yet substantial kwentuhan with housewives about their life surrounding food".

The study covered the modern approach to eating habit. This includes the high demand for fried foods. In the past, ‘frying’ was supposed to be done, only in times of emergencies which happen very rarely. But nowadays, people tend to misuse and abuse frying as a method of cooking. Even kids are already familiar with (and even indulging) in oily, fried or instant and processed food like.

Fast food chains are also very popular food sources in the country these days, and that, according to Dr. Josephine Smart, an anthropology professor at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, "influences dicision bahavior". Because it is important that one is aware of his or her proper way of eating or ‘eating disorder’, the researcher ask around, particularly housewives with children, fathers, working women with kids, married working women without children and students.


After researchers interviewed respondents, it has been found out that the more people are introduced to different new tastes, the more they get confused.

Because of the numerous food chains around, people find it harder to choose what and where to eat , and this is only one factor that affects their daily life.

Here are common scenarios proving that different kind of food nowadays, affects one’s decision…and even creates confusion:

  • Instant food is a good alternative to meals that are needed to be cooked, especially when one is pressed for time, however, it may lead to laziness.
  • Healthy eats result to physical benefit, but people may find them tasteless.
  • Chocolates, pizzas, pasta meats and all other sumptuous foods are really appealing to the tastebuds, but they can also be dangerous to health.
  • It is good that you’re "in" when you in modern fancy restos, but remember, it can also make you feel alone and outcast when you’re not familiar with the specialties.

Since problems and confusions have arisen , there are always solutions that come along. As early as now, fight ‘eating disorders’, by thinking local, and acting local. This means the more familiar you are with the food, the healthier and more harmless your life is. This phrase applies most especially to food manufacturers and those into food brand communications.

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September 23, 2017

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    Original My Pilipinas Map Shirt by Collezione C2

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