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Party-Proof Your Kitchen
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by: Celebrity Recipes Magazine

Going to have a party? Don't be afraid to enjoy yourself when holding a party. You better prepare your kitchen for such a logistics-based event. Of course, there are ways that would minimize the work involved in making your kitchen party-proof. That way, you can expect your kitchen to be as orderly and organized after the party itself. Here are some tips:

Prepare early. For small parties, it would be ideal to prepare everything two weeks in advance. For bigger parties, prepare at least several months before the event. This is to give you enough time to buy all the things you need before the event. The same period will also give you enough time to&

Take stock of the kitchen's contents. Consider what equipment will make party preparation easy and see to it that they are in working condition. Better yet, borrow additional equipment from friends and other family members just to be sure that you won't be disadvantaged in organizing before, during and after the party.

Also, set some time to count the dishes and cutlery etc. that you will be using. Who knows? You might end up short in relation to the number of guests. That way, you would still have enough time to buy additional dinnerware, serving plats, cutlery etc.

Speed it up. Unless the party or the occasion is actually a gourmet food tasting event; better speed-up the process of cooking so as not to bore or infuriate guests. How? There are several ways in preparing food beforehand. This includes freezing (for a number of days) and heating food before actually serving these during the event; and/or cooking them just in time before the party. If such is the case, it would be ideal to make use of the microwave oven as it can easily heat food in a jiffy.

Think plastic or paper. Not exactly in the mood for cleaning dishes after the event? Don't worry. An alternative is to use disposable plates and plastic/or paper cups. This would greatly lessen the time spent in cleaning-up, as no washing is necessary. Indeed, just throw them away after use.

Try to be methodical. Be orderly in the kitchen. Before even starting the cooking and cleaning; try to arrange the kitchen's layout in a more favorable and orderly manner. For instance, bring out all the utensils to be used and place them in clearly-marked areas of the kitchen so that you won't end up looking for them. Do the same when making places where dirty utensils are to be placed prior to cleaning.

With regards to the after-event cleaning, stock up on garbage bags for garbage segregation (always a must). Stock up on household cleaners and detergents as well. You dont have to do everything after the part at once though. Cleaning the oven and dirty pots and pans can actually wait, at least until the day after, as they require more effort in cleaning.

Enjoy yourself. Holding a party doesn't necessarily mean being holed up inside your kitchen sweating-it out so that your guests will have some fun. Although you are expected to do your share of work (okay, most of the work), you should enjoy yourself as well. Don't be shy in asking people to help you in the kitchen. Better yet, ask them even to stay afterwards for cleaning up. Just promise them plenty of treats afterwards. Who knows? Doing so, might just make your kitchen even more pleasant.

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September 20, 2017

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