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Stir Fry
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Stir fry, made at home, is doubly valuable in that it is inherently healthy because it relies on fresh ingredients and it produces a meal in minutes because of the fast cooking method.

A cast iron wok is the perfect kitchen gadget for stir fry. The cast iron shell distributes the heat evenly. A non stick surface and a great fitting lid is a plus. A good quality non stick skillet and a plastic spatula will work just fine.

Take a look around and decide what ingredients you are going to blend into your stir fry. Chop cauliflower and broccoli into flowerets. Slice red onion and cabbage into half-inch wedges. Dice chicken breasts into 1 inch chunks. You want the veggies and meat to be in bite size pieces for two reason. First, the stir fry will be appealing and easy to eat if all of the components are equal in size. Secondly, similar size pieces will insure more uniform cooking time. The secret to great stir fry is to collect and prepare all of your ingredients in advance before you begin to cook.

There are several techniques for making a flavorful sauce for stir fry. Some include a touch of cornstarch for thickening. Toss chunks of meat, poultry or seafood in cornstarch before cooking or add a touch of cornstarch mixed with water to the sauce before cooking. In both cases, you want to make sure that the cornstarch has time to cook for several minutes in the dish in order to produce a smooth and shiny sauce.

Stir fry suppers lend themselves to a totally fresh approach to cooking. Herb flavored oils may be sauce enough! You may choose to spice your fresh ingredients with Italian or Mexican seasonings. There are no rules for stir fry - only opportunities for creative cooking.

Heat the wok or skillet over high heat. Place a small amount of oil in the bottom of the wok. (Olive oil is fine. Peanut oil and sesame oil add a very distinctive flavor.) The oil will smoke slightly. Don't abandon your wok! You must stay with the stir fry - don't walk away from this quick cooking method. You may want to add slices of garlic or ginger to the oil to infuse it with flavor. Fresh herbs tossed into the hot oil will also impart their essence into the dish. As the herb begins to brown, move the pieces out of the oil and up the sides of the walk to slow the cooking process.

Next, add the ingredient that will take the most time to cook. In most cases this will be cubes of lean meat or poultry. Cook until the thick cubes begin to brown on all sides. This will begin the tenderizing process. At this point, you may push these chunks up the sides of the wok, or remove them to a platter while you continue with the recipe.

Now you are ready to add the veggies and stir until they are just crisp tender. (If you are cooking a stir fry that includes shellfish, you want to add this ingredient last as fish usually cooks in just minutes.)

Add the meat or poultry back to the wok. Season with sauce, fresh herbs, citrus juice or a touch of flavored oil. Stir to coat all of the ingredients. That's it! Serve the stir fry with rice or over pasta.

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September 23, 2017

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    Original My Pilipinas Map Shirt by Collezione C2

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