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Nutrition Facts
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Is poultry healthier than beef? Not necessarily. An ounce of beef has more B12, zinc, and iron than an ounce of poultry. If fat is an issue, there are cuts of beef every bit as lean as poultry. Take note of these comparisons for 3.5-ounce, uncooked portions of the following meats:

Sirloin steak
Total Fat grams: 7.2
Saturated Fat grams: 2.8
Cholesterol milligrams: 89

Chicken, skin on, light and dark meat
Total Fat grams:13.6
Saturated Fat grams: 3.8
Cholesterol milligrams: 88

Turkey, packaged ground
Total Fat grams: 12.8
Saturated Fat grams: 4.5
Cholesterol milligrams: 90

Do carbohydrates make you fat?
Any food can make you fat, not just those foods high in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates, like protein, provide 4 calories per gram; fat provides 9 calories per gram. But complex carbohydrates (starches such as bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes), especially those derived from whole grains, are the body's best source of energy nourishment when they replace saturated fats and excess protein in the diet. Eating more calories than you work off and leading a sedentary lifestyle are what add the extra "poundage."

Are eggs really bad for you?
Eggs are an excellence source of high-quality, inexpensive protein. Eggs are also lower in cholesterol than once believed—an average egg having about 210 mg cholesterol. The American Heart Association, noting recent research that indicates eggs don't by themselves significantly raise blood cholesterol levels, now says it is possible for healthy persons who have normal blood cholesterol levels to enjoy 1 or 2 eggs a day.

If I eat too much salt, will I get high blood pressure?
Salt by itself does not cause an otherwise healthy person to develop hypertension. Unless you already have hypertension problems (or are diagnosed as salt-sensitive), you don't need to restrict your salt intake.
This doesn't mean you can eat your weight in salt every day. What it does mean is that you can relax and enjoy those salted pretzels, unless you already have a medical reason to control your sodium intake.

Is honey better for you than table sugar?
There isn't really a significant difference between honey and table sugar (sucrose). Honey is composed of mostly fructose (fruit sugar) with some sucrose and glucose as well. Simple sugars, such as table sugar, honey, maple sugar, date sugar, and brown sugar, are all processed by the body in the same manner. Like table sugar, they all provide 4 calories per gram.

A word of caution: Do not feed honey to infants under one year of age. Honey can contain trace amounts of botulism spores, which a mature digestive system can handle but could mean a fatal case of botulism for babies.

If I eat too much sugar, will I get diabetes?
For someone with a blood sugar disorder, sugar can aggravate the situation if intake isn't regulated. But, like salt, the substance itself does not cause the disease. There is a caveat: Too much food, especially sugars and fats, leads to obesity. Obesity can lead to insulin resistance and possibly to diabetes. A balanced diet plus moderate exercise—about half an hour's worth each day—can help prevent that from happening.

Will I lose weight if I go on a vegetarian diet?
That depends on how you eat overall. A vegetarian diet is not automatically a low-fat diet. Deep-fried vegetables have more fat than a grilled, skinless chicken breast. Vegetarians who rely on nuts and full-fat dairy products for their protein (versus beans and peas) and have a low intake of fruits and vegetables could find themselves on a higher-fat diet than someone whose daily menu includes lean meats along with plenty of steamed vegetables and fresh fruits.


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