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Weight Gain Tips (Part 1)

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Not everyone wants to loose weight. There are others who want to "gain" weight. So, here is the 1st part of our weight gain tips.

  1. Count how many calories you eat in a normal day.
    Don't change anything, just eat like you normally would and count how many calories you consumed. This is an extremely important step, so try to be as exact as possible. Also, weigh yourself.

  2. Starting the day after you counted calories.
    Eat 500 calories MORE then you normally do. So, lets pretend that the day you counted calories you counted 2000. For the rest of the week, you would now eat 2500 calories a day. Instead of eating 3 big meals a day or eating all day all the time, spread those calories out over 5-6 smaller meals. Eat one meal every 2 and a half to 3 hours. To get big, you have to eat big! Remember that.

  3. Weightlifting!
    Get in the gym and lift! This is another important step to how to gain weight, so make sure you are doing it correctly. For more information on weightlifting workout routines and splits, read the workout routines and splits section.

  4. At the end of that week, weigh yourself.
    You'll notice your gaining just after one week! Now, don't expect to see a 10lb increase. Gaining anymore then 1 or 2 pounds a week is unhealthy and means your putting on way to much fat. So look for 1 or 2 pound gains at the end of the week. Don't sound like much? You can be gaining 5-8 pounds a month!

  5. Here's an important one.
    At some point, you will stop seeing weight gain. At this point, you will have to eat even more. So, when you stop gaining for at least 2 weeks, it means it is time to start eating an extra 250 calories a day. Every time you see you haven't gained weight for at least 2 weeks, add an extra 250 calories.

  6. Stay away from fat!
    Even though weight gain is your goal, you don't want to be gaining fat. Get rid of the chips and candy. No more fast food, nothing fried. Stick to high protein low fat foods like tuna fish (and other seafood), chicken breast, turkey, lean meats, fruits and vegetables etc.

  7. Protein is the building block for muscle.
    Without protein, don't even bother going to the gym. To gain muscle mass, you need to eat protein. Some people say eating 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. I disagree. I say stick with 1 gram per pound. So if you weigh 150lbs, eat 150 grams of protein. And that means everyday, whether your going to workout that day or not, you still need to supply your muscles with the protein they need to recover for the next workout and to grow.

  8. Also about protein...
    You need it after a workout. Eat a can of tuna or something high in protein after your workouts to supply your body with the protein it needs to recover after the workout you just had. I have a protein shake after every workout.

  9. Fruits and vegetables.
    As you might have guessed, fruits and vegetables are very important to your diet. Besides the fact there's no fat, they have the vitamins and minerals you need!

  10. Drinks.
    The best thing to drink is water, and a lot of it. You need it. It will give you the fuel you need to kill yourself in the gym getting the body you want. Another good drink is low/non fat milk. Milk has a lot of protein in it. But if you like it, non fat milk is great for you. But don't forget about the water!

  11. Diets.
    You have to make yourself a diet. Whether its a weight gain diet, or a weight loss diet, you have to get organized. Plan what your going to eat before you eat it. Make yourself a diet as low in fat as possible, and high in protein and then get yourself organized so that eating isn't a problem anymore. It becomes as easy as walking, you just do it without thinking. This way, there's no time to think about eating those potato chips, or not eating enough protein.

  12. Carbs.
    People trying to lose weight should eat a diet very low in carbs while someone whose trying to gain weight can get away with eating the extra carbs.

  13. Sleep!
    YES! Sleep! The easiest, yet most over looked step. Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. Your going to need it!

  14. Now the concern some people have about how to gain weight, is how to do it without putting on extra fat.
    Let me tell you how, YOU CAN'T! Unless you are using steroids, it is basically impossible to gain weight without putting on a little bit of extra fat. But hey, you want to see some weight gain right? Well then who cares about the little bit of extra fat you might put on while gaining. You will be able to burn that off later on, right now gaining is your main concern, so that is all you need to worry about.

  15. One rule when making weightlifting workout programs for gaining muscle weight is to make sure to split it so that you aren't over-training.
    Doing chest on Monday, then triceps on Tuesday, then shoulders on Wednesday will over-train your triceps. Why? Because just about every chest and shoulder exercise works the triceps secondary. And almost every back exercise works the biceps secondary.

  16. Work out those muscles.
    Work chest, triceps and shoulders on the same day, and biceps and back on the same day so that its ok if the secondary muscles get worked that day, because your doing them anyway.

  17. Separate those muscles.
    Separate those muscles that work a secondary muscle so that they are far enough apart not to over-train you. For example, do Chest Monday, triceps on Wednesdays, and shoulders Friday... and biceps Monday with chest, and back Wednesday or Friday.

  18. Work on your chest.
    Do chest and triceps Monday, and shoulders Thursday, and back and biceps together on Friday.

  19. Plan you meals.
    Carefully plan your meals with foods that will help you gain lean mass, not fat. It is suggested that you eat 6 meals. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and three other small meals scheduled throughout the day. The goal is to eat every 2.5 to 3 hours.

  20. Focus on foods.
    Focus on foods such as steak, chicken, fruit, milk, vegetables, cheese and assorted types of nuts. It's recommended to eat 4 - 6 pieces of fresh fruit a day, and at least four tall glasses of milk. Milk is a great, cheap protein source - take advantage of it. A sample snack meal would be a glass of milk, an apple, and a hand full of peanuts.

  21. You do not need supplements.
    To gain weight, you do not NEED supplements, but they will help you gain the weight quicker. That's what they are, supplements to an already good diet and training program. Think of supplements as the finishing touch.

  22. Drink weight gain shakes.
    The way this will help is by giving you a large quantity of calories in one small serving. It will provide you with 620 calories in one easy shake and is especially great for people who do not have time for breakfast, or snacks while on the go. Just mix a serving with water or fruit juice and gulp it down in a just a couple of minutes.

  23. Buy new fitness duds.
    Let's face it: Good equipment is everything. Proper shoes, workout gloves, etc., that make it comfortable to walk, and clothes that make you feel good when you move, can act as an incentive to lace up the sneakers and hit the gym.

  24. Shoes.
    The American Council on Exercise warns that athletic shoes will lose their cushioning after three to six months of regular use, increasing the susceptibility to knee and ankle injuries. Replace them periodically. Buy a comfortable sweat suit or shorts and a tee-shirt in hot-to-trot colors, such as bright red or orange, which are known to have an invigorating effect.

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September 20, 2017

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