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Grilling and Barbecuing Tips

by: Celebrity Recipes Magazine
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Picnics and get-togethers and just plain enjoying food is fun. What to serve during these activities? It's a no-brainer, as grilling and barbecuing is the order of the day. But how can one serve the best-grilled and barbecued items?

Make the most of your grilling and barbecuing. Here's how...

Clean, clean and clean.
Nothing beats a clean grill. It's not only pleasing to the eyes, but healthful as well. Here's how to go about it... use a wire brush on the grates; and a scraper for the more solid parts of the grill. Try to remove all remnants of charcoal and muck. The reason for this is that the after taste of the food previously grilled will not contaminate the newer items being cooked.

Also, remove the ashes from the griller as soon as possible. The ashes per se are not dangerous. However when water is accidentally mixed with it --- which happens often since the grill is usually left outdoors --- the resulting corrosive compound is enough to cause damage to the griller.

Sticky food.
Ever had the experience of having the barbecued meat stick to the grill? Chances are, you have; and here's a simple solution to this sticky problem. Using a bristle brush, brush some oil on the grill and coat it lightly. The oiliness of the grill is guaranteed to help reduce this problem.

Quest for fire.
When barbecuing, try to start the fire as early as possible. At the most, it takes about 45 minutes for the fire and the charcoal to reach the desired heat. Also, enough time-should be given for the grill to let the petrol used to light to dissipate so as not to affect the taste of the meat to be grilled.

Rubbing .
Filipinos are a bit unfamiliar with this method of adding flavor to grilled and barbecued meat. Rubbing is just a  way of applying flavors and spices to the meat by rubbing it on the surface of the meat. One common misconception about rubbing is that it should be done just prior to grilling or barbecuing. Like marinating, it should be done at least several hours before (or even overnight). Make sure that the meat --- including the fat --- is fully covered so that the flavor would permeate the meat.

Grilling ribs .
There is a method in grilling ribs. Indeed, ribs should placed on the grill bone side up. It's because the meat on the ribs is thicker on the other side. As such, requiring more heat and time for cooking. About 13 ribs (with meat of course!) per person is ideal.

How can one tell if the ribs are already cooked? Easy. Just pinch the meat from the bones. The meat should come off easily if it's already done. If using a meat thermometer, the internal temperature of the meat should be at least 155 to 156 degrees.

Avoiding too much marinade.
Made too much marinade? Well, make sure you don't in the future. Certainly, it is wasteful to make more marinade than what you need. Here's one way of making do with less marinade. Using a plastic container with a resealable lid, turn the container from time to time to expose the other side of the meat. If a resealable plastic is not available, one can place the marinade (and the meat) inside a clear, plastic bag.

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September 20, 2017

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