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Refrigerator Tips

by: Celebrity Recipes Magazine
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Make the most of your fridge. Make this kitchen appliance one of the most important in your home!

Your refrigerator could be your most important home appliance this summer-even all year long. Make it so, by ensuring that it runs smoothly. Here are some handy refrigerator care and food tips and hints.

Open only when needed.
Every time you open a refrigerator or even a freezer door, precious cold air flows out. If that happens, the refrigerator/and or freezer must turn itself on to replace the warm air that has taken away the chill from the refrigerator. As such, refrain from frequently opening and closing the refrigerator/and or freezer door. Do so only when preparing food or putting in supplies. Admonish other house members to do the same.

Full or empty?
Will it better to keep the refrigerator/and or freezer full or empty? The answer, surprisingly, is neither. Both lose much needed cold air-thereby leading to more energy consumption-if empty and/or full. Strike a balance. Keep the refrigerator full but not overcrowded. If you really dont have much to replace supplies with, use bottles of water, ice cube trays and even plastic bags of water to keep the chill. Better yet, make "ice candy," yelo (ice in bags), or iced water (in plastic bags) to sell to neighborhood kids. Who knows? You might even earn enough to pay for the electric bills.

Keep it tight.
The refrigerator/or freezer door gaskets should always be tight when the door is closed. Also try to keep them pliable as well. Remember that even if your refrigerator is one of the best in the world, regular maintenance of some parts is still needed. Door gaskets wear out and as such, should be replaced after several years.

Keep out of sunlight.
Direct light, especially during summertime, is equivalent to murder in relation to refrigerators and freezers. Not that both appliances have vampire-like attributes. Heat just makes them work harder, resulting in less chill and more energy consumption. After all, direct sunlight is murder to the compressor-it works harder. Also, sunlight may crack the painted finish of most refrigerators.

Regarding food.
Always put cooked food into covered containers or wrap in polyethylene or aluminum foil when placing them in the refrigerator or freezer. Doing so would prevent the cross-contamination of food. Wrapping them would keep food better smelling and the refrigerator (and freezer) less smelly.

Space is also needed when placing food in the refrigerator. Dont crowd them and be sure to leave space around food containers and packages. Why? Placing them in crowded conditions will impede airflow inside the appliance and may cause temperatures to rise.

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September 22, 2017

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