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How Do I Love Thee?

by: Woman Today
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How do I love thee?
Let me cook up the ways

The season of hearts is officially over, but the loving goes on. Thoughtfulness should be expressed all-year round. Aren't we all more delighted when we receive a gift from out of the blue? The nature of the gift is not as important as the spontaneous gesture of affection. It shows that the receiver is in the giver's thoughts, even when they are not together.

Not only that, giving caresses the heart in a more special way than words can express. What is often said holds true: "Actions speak louder than words."

When we talk of loving and giving, many will agree that cooking and baking are extremely appreciated. But these entail many demands on the giver. Should you want to whip up a special treat for your loved one - a friend, a brother, sister, parent, relative, or significant other - you would need to allot some time off from your busy schedule to successfully execute your heart's desire.

Thankfully, there are many ways to ensure that way you will be cooking or baking will not only be delicious, but will also truly convey your feelings. Let these tips from Maya Mixes wipe away your pre-cooking jitters with some worry-free cooking tips.

  1. Keep in mind the favorites.

    With the variety of food out there and with so many ways to prepare food, you might be overwhelmed with ideas as to what to prepare for your special someone. How do you resolve that dilemma? Simple. Find out what his favorite dishes are. That shouldn't be a daunting task, especially since you are close to the person. The times you've spent together have given you more than a glimpse of his preferences and tastes.
  1. Nurture nutrition.

    There's always a more nutritious way of preparing food. Steer clear of preservatives and artificial flavors. Use natural, organic ingredients. Grill, instead of frying. If you must fry the food, opt for vegetable or corn oil. Choosing the more natural, more nutritious way shows that you are also concerned about the other person's health.
  1. Be budget-conscious, but don't sacrifice quality.

    No need to spend a fortune to whip up a great meal. Scan the shelves of the supermarkets for the best prices of ingredients. Compare brands. Ask yourself: Which one is more cost-efficient in terms of weight? Which one uses better ingredients? Which are recommended by culinary experts? Opt for value for you money and you will end up saving more in the long run.
  1. Feast on the fast.

    Thoughtful ideas come in a spur of the moment and need to be done in a jiffy! The adage "Timing is everything" holds true in cooking for love ones. Food needs to be served hot and fresh. Considering everyone's busy schedule these days, it would be wise to consider dishes that can be cooked quickly and served as soon as possible.
  1. Think up simple pleasures with a twist.

    Nothing is more heartwarming than receiving two surprises in one! Don't just gift your special friend or family member with his favorite dish, serve it with an exciting twist! For instance, pancakes are classic favorites, but jazz them up - both in taste and appearance - by adding chocolate bits, candy or fruit. Don't be afraid to experiment. Let your creative juices flow. Aim for result that would be pleasing to the taste buds&and the eyes and the nose!
  1. Personalize your creation.

    Cooking and baking are very personal endeavors for both the doer and the receiver. Make your special someone feel even more especial by putting a "stamp" on your creation. Garnish the dish with vegetables forming the letters of both your names. Top the pancake with chocolate syrup spelling out a love message. These little "extras" make the culinary gift even harder to forget.
  1. Serve it sweet.

    To complete your thoughtful gesture, present the treat with flourish. No need to recite a poem or make a speech (though some would be flattered with that). A brief note that one could keep after the food is long gone would be appreciated. But a sweet smile and a sincere "Especially for you" would be more than enough to melt a heart.

    Try these two delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes - Rocky Road Hotcakes and Apple Pie Squares - and see the light in your loved one's eyes once they take a bite!

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September 20, 2017

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