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Prevent Household Emergencies

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They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. By managing your home in a way that puts family safety first, just imagine how many nasty troubles you can actually keep from happening!  

Storage savvy: poisons and pesticides should be stored properly and with care. Unlabelled toxic substance can be kept in Zipper storage bags, which have the yellow-and-blue-make-green seal that tells you that the bag is closed tight. They also make great storage containers for other delicate stuff: vegetables, fruits, nuts and fresh herbs are kept fresh for picnics and out-of-town trips, one look and you know what’s inside! 

Memories are forever: you can use oven bags not only to lack in food moisture when cooking meats to perfection. Beloved photographs and important documents can be saved from moisture, mildew and dust by placing them in these sturdy bags. Make sure to keep as much air out as possible, then seal with tape to protect them from elements. When traveling, do the same to your maps and camera to keep them safe throughout the trip. 

Rinse then recycle: to prevent your pantry from becoming a party place for ants, rodents and roaches, give container a quick rinse before setting them aside from recycling. Aluminum, steel cans, glass bottles and jars may leave off sticky, smelly residue that invite disease-carrying pests in your home, not to mention make a mess out of your kitchen, so a thoughtful washing out will do. Lining small waste bins with plastic bags ensures mess-free waste disposal. Recycling trash is a noble deed; do it well by organizing your recyclables in leak-proof, durable garbage bags. When you care enough to recycle, you save cubic yards of landfill space, trees, kilowatts of electricity, and help reduce air pollution. 

Contra-contamination: raw meat, poultry, seafood must be separated and placed in their own plastic food storage bags. Zipper freezer bags prevent the meat’s juices from cross-contaminating other raw food, and have a write-on panel for easy identification. To prevent bacteria from colonizing in your refrigerator, clean out the fridge once a week. Storing smartly maximizes the energy efficiency of your appliance. Plastic containers take up so much ref space so store leftovers and keep foodstuffs fresh by using strong and stretchable cling wraps. These products help you tackle the maze of goods inside the refrigerator with so much ease. 

Trusty techniques: when putting oil in your frying pan or wok, set the burner on low to medium heat to prevent the grease from overheating and splashing up onto the face and hands of the cook. But if you want to cut down on cholesterol intake, there’s bake paper. This baking paper, which ensures perfect non-stick cakes, can also be used to line the frying pan, eliminating the need for cooking oil. It makes washing up easy, because food does not stick on the surface of the pan. This feature makes bake paper ideal even for ironing ideal even for ironing delicate garments, preventing hot iron from sticking on fragile material. 

Kitchen-safe pots and pans: family members have a habit of checking out what’s cooking, accidentally yanking pots off the burner. While cooking, make sure to turn pot handles away from the stove edges so that accidental scalding will be prevented. Regularly check pots and pans for loose handles; discard the ones with handles that can’t be tightened. Use microwave wrap to cover food while microwaving and prevent it from splattering in your oven. Kids love to hang out in the kitchen with mommy or the house help so keep your pantry an accident-free zone. 

So homemakers of the world, unite and take charge! The safety of the family is in your loving hands.

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September 20, 2017

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