Leftover Marvels

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Does your family put up with the same leftover dish over and over again until it vanishes from the fridge? But there’s a better way to deal with leftovers! When properly stored, leftover meats can be reused and enjoyed as a different entrée. Here are some simple and inexpensive ways to breathe new life into your leftovers.

Bake it. Be adventurous in the kitchen, experiment and create your own baked recipe! Leftovers roast or pork chops can be made into a casserole dish. Along with the leftover meat, put mashed potatoes, rice or pasta, creamy soup, some vegetables like carrots or peas, then top with cheese or breadcrumbs. It’s ready for baking.

Make a salad. Create a delightful salad you can bring to the office. Choose vegetables that you want to put in the salad then sprinkle with cheese and some thinly sliced leftover steak. Pack your favorite dressing separately so the salad doesn’t turn soggy.

Special omelet. Here’s an easy, yummy way to recycle leftover food: serve special omelets. If you have leftover longanisa and some vegetables, fold them into the egg. Treat your loved ones to a lip smacking breakfast in bead.

Savvy sandwich. Make your own sandwich spread. Finely chop the leftover meat and place in the blender the flavorings/ingredients that suit your taste: boiled eggs, pickles, onions, mayo, cheese& Perfect merienda fare for you kid’s study group!

Go oriental. Give your leftover teriyaki a sumptuous second chance. Re-use this entrée by preparing a special oriental sandwich. Add fresh garnishes and sandwich dressing. Good to the last bite!

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