Microwave Cooking Tips

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Do you want to maximize the use of your microwave oven? Keep the following hints in mind when microwave cooking.

  • Choose foods that cook well in moist heat: chicken, fish, ground meat, vegetables, sauces and soups.

  • Pieces that are about equal in size and shape will cook more uniformly.

  • You can reduce the liquid used in cooking beverages, soups, vegetables, fruits, and main dishes by about one third because less evaporates in microwave cooking.

  • Choose a microwave-safe container slightly larger than the dish required for cooking the recipe in a conventional oven.

  • Use a high setting -100 percent power for soups, beverages, fruits, vegetables, fish, ground meat and poultry.

  • Use a medium-high setting -70 percent power for simmering stews.

  • Use a medium setting – 50 percent power for baking breads, cakes and muffins, and cooking less tender cuts of meats.

  • To create a crusty look on baked items, grease pans with an acceptable vegetable oil and add ground nuts or crumbs.

  • Add low fat cheese and other toppings near the end of cooking to keep the top from becoming tough or soggy.

  • Stay away from coating meat with flour if you will be adding liquid for cooking. The coatings become soggy.

  • Use quick-cooking instead of long-grain rice.


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