Money Saving Tips

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Want to save some money? Then follow these money saving tips:

  1. The end of a clean, empty 10 0Z. can makes handy cookie or biscuit cutter.

  2. Here’s another use for the plastic bags from cereal boxes. Use them for coating or breading chicken or other meats and vegetables to be fried. The bags are sturdy enough to handle the job and it’s much neater than dredging.

  3. Using left over wine is a snap if you freeze it into ice cubes–save calories and fat by sautéing in wine instead of butter or oil.

  4. Reduce fat, increase fiber and save money by replacing half of the ground beef or poultry in a casserole or meatloaf recipe with brown rice, bulgur, or cooked and pureed dried beans.

  5. Before you juice a lemon, lime or orange grate off the outermost part of the rind and freeze in a zipper food storage bag. When a recipe calls for zest, just pull it from the freezer.

  6. Do you have fruit in your kitchen that’s ripening quicker than you can eat it? Puree it and use in smoothies or as topping for ice cream, pancakes or waffles. You can also freeze the pureed fruit in a plastic freezer zipper bag and use it later on.

  7. Saves bacon fat in the fridge. Use the bacon grease to baste roasting chickens or turkeys, to add additional flavor when frying, even ad it to potatoes when mashing. While it may not be the healthiest practice in the world, bacon fat does pack a powerful flavor punch to most vegetables cooking.

  8. For inexpensive flavored coffee just add ground cinnamon to the top of grind before perking.

  9. Freshening dry hard lemons is effortless by placing them in hot oven for a few minutes.

  10. Disposable water bottles makes dispensers for salad dressings, oils and sauces.

  11. It’s handy to carry a couple of cans of evaporated milk on camping trips for pancakes or waffles or any other recipe that calls for milk. Mix half milk and half water to use as milk substitute in recipes. Covered tightly it last longer in the fridge than regular milk.

  12. Wrapping celery in aluminum foil when putting it in the refrigerator helps keep the freshness for weeks.


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