Rainy Season Water Tips

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Don’t think that just because it’s the rainy season, one already has the license to waste water. Although the rains make it easier for us in watering the garden for instance, why not use the “season” instead to contain and save the precious liquid. Here are a few tips.

Clean gutters and drains.
This is not only house holds maintenance, but rather a way for us to get rainwater sans the debris that accumulates from our roofs, making it easier to…

Save water.
In drums and other containers that is. To those in the know, despite the Philippines’ abundance of water resources, some regions — especially in the north — make it a point to save water in special reservoir built-in in most homes. Why not revive the practice? Surely, the water saved will be useful once the typhoons stop coming around September.

Use rainwater for washing clothes. Old people swear with the “whitening” qualities of rainwater and its ability to impart a fresher smell to clothes. Try it, you will not only follow an old practice, but will help save much needed liquid from our dams — not to mention lowering your water bills!

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