Readily Available Kitchen Remedies

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Do you feel sick? Under the weather, perhaps? Do you have symptoms of fatigue? Don’t worry about the cost of curing them. You don’t have to spend a lot to cure common ailments. You can actually just run into your kitchen and prepare healthful remedies using common kitchen ingredients. Here are a few of these inexpensive and readily available kitchen remedies:

Sugar. Sugar has had a bad rap probably only second to carbs. However, eating some sugar has its benefits. For instance, if you want a quick pick me up, just ingest a spoonful of sugar for that extra energy. We don’t really know much about that old wives tale of sugar being a first-aid for poisoning. However, we do know that muscovado, a semi-refined sugar, is chockfull of vitamins and minerals.

Salt. Like sugar, salt achieved a not so good reputation because of how it seems to affect blood pressure. Nonetheless, its considered a good “emetic” for inducing vomiting especially in cases of poisoning. Also adding some salt to warm water is very good for soothing muscular aches and pains; and for flushing microbes and viruses out of nasal cavity — that is if you can stand having water flow through it.

Ginger. Do you have a cold? Do you have a flu-like symptoms? Do you have a sore throat? No problem. Brew yourself a cup of ginger tea (or salabat). Ginger has a warming effect to the body and though it may not cure the viruses and microbes that cause colds and flus; it at least allows the body to relax, take stock of its ability to immunize itself thereby contributing to a cure. For sore throats, just chew on a thin slice of ginger for relief.

Celery. Like ginger tea, celery tea is also good for the body. However, the conditions that it provides relief for are very different. These includes headaches, gas pains, insomnia, kidney and bladder problem. Munching on a celery stalks is also a very good way of fooling “hunger” when dieting as it has lots of fiber.

Onions. Don’t let its smell turn you off. Onions are actually good for gas pains, stomach acidity, urinary problems and bronchial congestion. Eat raw or in powder form (if available). The latter is especially good for making onion tea.

Garlic. Garlic has long been known to be beneficial to people suffering from high blood pressure. However it can also be used as a disinfectant as well for scratches, bruises and animal/insect bites. Just peel the covering from a piece of garlic and rub on the affected parts.

Cloves. As opposed to onions, the smell of cloves is actually so good and so sweet that you might want to even use it as an air-freshener — which you can! However, it has its medicinal uses as well. Oil derived from cloves can relieve toothache pain. Cloves, when brewed as a tea, can also provide relief for indigestion, bad breath (gargle with it), and bronchial disorders.

So forget about your medicine cabinet. Open your kitchen cabinets instead!

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