Black Forest in Pouches



1 (225 gms.) phyllo or filo pastry sheets
½ cup Magnolia Gold Butter Unsalted, melted & cooled
1 can cherrry pie filling

For the filling:

½ cup Magnolia Gold Butter, softened
1 tub Magnolia Best Fruits Jam, strawberry
2 pcs. eggs
2 (225 gms. each) bars Magnolia Cream Cheese
2 cups ensaimada, sliced into ¼”-chunks
½ cup chocolate chips

For the garnish:

chocolate syrup
powdered sugar
fresh or bottled cherries (if using bottled, drain well)
fresh mint leaves



Step 1

Line two 24-hole, ½"-cupcake mold pans with Glad Cook and Bake Paper; set aside. Cream softened butter with jam, eggs and cream cheese in a bowl until light.

Step 2

Fold in ensaimada and chocolate chips. Cut phyllo sheets into 8"x8"-squares. You will need 48 square sheets.

Step 3

Brush each sheet with butter and fit into lined cupcake mold. Put a second sheet on top. Using a ¼ measuring cup or a big ice cream scooper, fill each mold with a heaping tablespoonful of the cherry pie filling. Carefully twist the 2 opposite edges of the phyllo pastry. Cover and set aside in freezer until ready to use. Thaw out for 30 minutes at room temperature before baking when frozen or bake immediately after filling in preheated oven for 20 minutes with top covered loosely with Glad aluminum foil.

Step 4

To serve: Drizzle chocolate syrup on dessert plate. Carefully put a pice of the pouch on top and dust with powdered sugar. Top with a piece of cherry and mint leaves.

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