Fried Mixed Vegetables



10 stalks Shanghainese flat cabbage
seasonal assorted mushrooms
3 pcs. carrots
resh lily bulb
20 pcs. peppermint leaves
2 pcs. plain white bread
mashed potato
almond slices


Step 1

Steam taro and mash with oil and flour. Deep-fry into a ring shape.

Step 2

Carve Shanghainese flat cabbage into water lily shapes; boil in water and lay around outer perimeter of deep-fried taro ring. Stir-fry mushrooms, carrots and lily bulb; place inside deep-fried taro rings.

Step 3

Cut bread into circles with mashed potato as topping; insert almond slices to form a blossom shape. Slowly fry in oil. Put almond flowers on peppermint leaves and place around taro rings.

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