Garden Theme Cake



cupcakes, store-bought or homemade
200 gms. Terracota colored rolled fondant
100 gms. Rolled fondant for each color (yellow, orange, red, green, light brown)
½ cup dark brown royal
cornstarch for dusting


Step 1

To make the carrots: Roll out orange colored fondant into sausage forming a carrot shape. Press a few lines on top of the carrot. Slightly bend to shape. Roll out green colored fondant and cut out irregular triangles, make cuts and stick on top of the carrot.

Step 2

To make the tomatoes: Roll into ball, red colored fondant, make a dent on sides using knife or cocktail sticks. Cut out calyx or star cutter using green fondant. Stick on top with a little water using veiner tool or a paint brush. Leave to harden.

Step 3

To make the potatoes: Roll out light brown colored fondant into oval or irregular shapes. Finish with tiny dots using end of paint brush or cocktail stick. Brush with small amount of dark brown food color.

Step 4

To make the bell pepper: Roll out yellow colored fondant into a conical shape, press small grooves into sides and top. Finish with a small green colored fondant bent into a stalk.

Step 5

To make the leaves: Roll out green colored fondant and cut out leaves. Press into veiner or press in knife to create some vein effects.

Step 6

To prepare the cake: Spread the brown royal icing over cake board. Spread a thin layer of royal icing on inverted cup cake. Roll out 100 gms. of terracotta colored fondant on a dusted surface and cover the cupcake. Trim excess fondant. Cut small circle on top of cake using a piping tube or big straw for the flower pot bottom. Roll out the remaining fondant and cut out strip about ¼ inch. Brush a line of water around the base of the cupcake. Attach the fondant strip to resemble the lip of a real flower pot. Make two pots. Arrange pots on cake board with one pot upside down. Secure with a little water. Stick some leaves on top and around the pot. Position vegetables on cake board using a little water. Moisten the exposed cake board with a little water and sprinkle some cake crumbs to look like soil. Decorate with leaves.

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