Malarayat Lechon Serve with Calabasa Sauce and/ or Liver Sauce

  • Servings : 10


1 whole pork carcass, cleaned & trimmed
250 gms. rock salt
800 gms. shallots, crushed
300 gms. lemongrass, crushed
250 gms. garlic, crushed

For the liver sauce:

650 gms. pork liver
70 ml. Oil
35 gms. onion
80 gms. vinegar
35 gms. soy sauce
350 gms. salt
20 gms. black pepper
1 gm. laurel leaves
soup stock
130 gms. bread crumbs

For the calabasa sauce:

850 gms. calabasa
60 ml. oil
35 gms. garlic
100 gms. onions
8 gms. salt
8 gms. pepper
90 ml. vinegar
35 gms. sugar


Step 1

To prepare the liver sauce: Broil liver, then grind and set aside. Heat oil in a pan, saute garlic, onion, add liver, vinegar, soy sauce, salt, black pepper, laurel leaves, soup stock. Bring to a boil then reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes. Finally, add breadcrumbs and adjust seasoning.

Step 2

To prepare the calabasa sauce: Clean the calabasa and slice. Heat oil in a pan, add garlic, onion, calabasa, salt, pepper, vinegar and sugar. Simmer until tender. Remove from heat, let it cool for a while. Put in a food processor until smooth. Return to pan, Simmer and check seasoning. Mix salt, shallot, lemongrass, garlic and stuff the mixture inside the pork cavity. Sew opening with kitchen thread. Roast in a preheated 400ºC for over 80 minutes basting with oil every 15 minutes. Reduce heat to 350ºC and continue cooking for another 30 minutes.

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