Monterey Gyudon (Sukiyaki Beef Rice Bowl)



½ cup Magnolia Nutri-Oil
½ k. monterey beef breakfast steak, sliced thinly
diagonally into long strips
½ cup leeks (scallions) or spring onions
½ cup local shiitake mushrooms (Chinese or Japanese,
pre-soaked for 15 minutes), sliced into thin strips
½ cup carrots, peeled, sliced thinly into flowerettes
1 beef cube
2 cups water
½ cup local soy sauce
¼ cup each white sugar and mirin (sweet sake) or use 2 tbsps. Chinese
rice wine
8 cups Jasponica rice,
cooked & hot, place in 8 deep Japanese bowls

For the topping:

8 whole eggs
½ deep Japanese bowls


Step 1

Put Magnolia Nutri-Oil in a 12"-saute pan.

Step 2

Add beef slices and stir until cooked.

Step 3

Push to one side of the pan, add leeks on one side, carrots on the other side.

Step 4

Add crumbled beef cube, water, soy sauce and mirin, let boil.

Step 5

To serve: Put a raw egg on top of each bowl of rice and a tablespoon of sliced pechay. Top with beef-vegetable mixture. Serve right away.

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