Pamora Farm Egg Cocotte with Duck Liver, Leeks and Mushroom Sauce



4 leeks
50 gms. Butter
100 gms. Shiitake mushrooms
30 centiliters liquid cream
150 ml. prepared Knorr White Sauce
6 pcs. Pamora eggs
160 gms. Duck liver slice
2 pcs. Baguette
50 gms. Herb salad (parsley, tarragon, mint, coriander & arugula)
50 gms. Parmesan
salt & pepper



Step 1

To Prepare the white sauce: Combine 120 gms. Knorr White Sauce with 1 liter of water in a pot.

Step 2

Prepare the steamer.

Step 3

Clean and julienne the leeks.

Step 4

Sweat in butter without browning. Keep warm.

Step 5

Clean the shiitake mushrooms and sweat without browning.

Step 6

Add half of the mushrooms to the leeks.

Step 7

The remaining half, simmer with cream and Knorr White Sauce.

Step 8

Season with salt and pepper. On a ramekin, put butter, salt and pepper.

Step 9

Add the leeks and mushrooms. Add an egg and steam for 7 minutes.

Step 10

(The egg is ready if the white is cooked but the yolks is still runny). Season the duck liver with salt and pepper. Fry on a hot pan for 1 minute on both sides. Set aside. To assemble: Pour mushroom sauce over the egg. Put a slice of duck liver on top, followed by some herb salad and Parmesan shavings. Serve with bread. N.B. Chicken liver may be used in place of duck liver - a healthier and more accessible alternative.

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