Roast Chicken with Caper-Butterfresh Sauce



1 whole Swift Sariwanok Chicken (about 1.2 kls.), wash & drain thoroughly
salt & pepper for rubbing

For the marinade:

1 bunch tanglad (lemongrass), roughly chopped
½ cup garlic, minced
½ cup soy sauce
3 tbsps. Calamansi juice

For the sauce:

1 cup Butterfresh Margarine, melted
½ cup capers, chopped
salt & pepper to taste



Step 1

Wash chicken, drain and rub generously with salt and pepper inside and out. Stuff chicken with lemongrass and garlic, and marinate in mixture of soy sauce and calamansi for at least 2 hours. Roast in oven or turbo broiler at 350ºF for 45 minutes or until cooked.

Step 2

To prepare the sauce, mix together the butter and capers. Season wiht salt and pepper. Serve roasted chicken drenched in caper butter sauce, garnish with cherry tomatoes and green peas. Serve with Caper-Butterfresh Sauce on the side.

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