Sicilian Rolls with Amaretto Sabayon



120 gms. orange peel, chopped
60 gms. dates, chopped
60 gms. cashew nuts, toasted then ground
450 gms. sweetened whipped cream
200 gms. mascarpone cheese
20 gms. gelatin
300 gms. puff pastry
6 gms. eggyolks
150 gms. refine sugar
100 gms. amaretto



Step 1

Mix mascarpone cheese and whipped cream in a bowl and fold in the chopped fruits and cashew. Add gelatin and chill.

Step 2

Roll puff pastry into thin sheets and cut into 3" -discs. In a wooden pipe, roll puff pastry and stick both edges with eggwash. Deep-fry until golden brown.

Step 3

Pipe into puff pastry the chilled mascarpone mixture and dip each wedge with chopped pistachio and chocolate shavings. In a double boiler, prepare sabayon by mixing eggyolks and refined sugar, whisk until fluffy and add amaretto liquor. Serve sabayon with Sicilian rolls and garnish with sliced fruits. Yields 10 portions.

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