Tod Lad Prik (Deep-fried fish with sauteed sweet chili, pepper, garlic and oyster sauce)



1 k. lapu-lapu
2 tbsps. Wonder powder
2 cups cooking oil, for frying
3 tbsps. Cooking oil
5 gms. ginger, sliced
20 gms. red bell pepper
1-½ tbsps. Salt
1-½ tbsps. White sugar
1 tbsp. Knorr seasoning

For the chili sauce, blend:

30 gms. red bell pepper
30 gms. green bell pepper
10 gms. garlic, chopped
10 gms. ginger, chopped
½ cup cooking oil


Step 1

Fry the lapu-lapu in cooking oil and set aside. Chop the red bell pepper and red chili finger; set aside. Slice the ginger thinly and fry in cooking oil; set aside. Saute the garlic until golden.

Step 2

Add the red bell pepper and chili finger, then the water. Season with oyster sauce and sugar and add in the blended chili sauce. Add the friend lapu-lapu, simmer for a few minutes then remove from the fire. Top with fried ginger strips. Serve.

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