Soup Tips

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There are several ways on how to serve soups. Read on as we bring you these tips and other soup tips.

Serving Cold Soups
A cold soup should always be thoroughly chilled. Prepare and refrigerate the day before, if you can. When serving a cold soup, chill the bowls or cups you are going to serve it in. The soup will remain cold longer.

Serving Soups
A liner plate placed under each bowl allows you to serve bowls filled with hot or cold liquid gracefully. Use a salad plate beneath rimless bowls, and a ten-inch dinner plate beneath rimmed bowls.

The plate also gives your guests a place to put the spoon when they have finished eating, and helps to protect the table.

Other Soup Tips:

  • Refrigerate cooked stews and soups overnight before serving. The fat will rise to the top and you can skim it off before heating and serving.
  • In a hurry to skim the fat from the soup? An ice cube floated in the soup will help to congeal the fat and make it easier to remove.
  • A leaf of lettuce dropped in a pot of soup absorb the grease from the top.
  • Soups and stews should only simmer (NEVER BOIL) when cooking.
  • Freeze the liquids from canned mushrooms or vegetables; use it in soups or stews later.
  • To remove excessive salt from soup, drop in a sliced raw potato.
  • To thicken your soup, take some of the cooked vegetables out of the soup and puree in the blender. Then return to the original soup mixture.


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