The Battle of the Bulge

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A few months ago, conducted a survey on how you, our visitors, feel about your weight. The exact question was: “Do you consider yourself to be overweight?” and the options were “Not really…”, “No”, and “Yes”. Surprisingly, 59% answered yes, 23% said they don’t and 18% claimed they’re “not really” overweight.

And now that another year has passed and another has come in, it’s time for those New Year’s Resolutions once again. Meaning, the battle of the bulge continues. And how many of us vow to either lose weight or travel the path of a more healthy diet? Statistics indicate that a full 90% of us have such good intentions for the New Year. Unfortunately, the thought of dieting or changing our eating habits makes us groan.

However, changing our eating habits is easier than ever today, with just a little effort. We now have food products that make it much easier than just abstaining. With the advent of fat-free dairy products, sugar substitutes, and even a fat substitute product, we can change our daily diet and not feel like we suffer any real loss in intake or taste. Of course, the best diet is controlled intake of a balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with moderated intake of protein fats and a good regimen of daily, and not necessarily strenuous exercise.

The body life cycle is amazing indeed. Some are blessed with a fast metabolism, eating constantly and never gaining an ounce. Others are not so lucky and must count every calorie. The body also goes through age cycles. Younger bodies tend to shed calories faster, partly due to the higher activity rate. As we age, we become more sedate, and there is a metabolic change in many, even those who once were always thin. Exercise should be an important part of your daily routine.

The first step in any diet plan is a consultation with your physician. A surprising number of weight problems are due to diseases or conditions that need to be treated, such as diabetes. Fad diets are not the answer. They may work in the short run, but it’s not worth taking risks with your health. Common sense dictates the advice of your physician before embarking on any diet, particularly if you have diabetes, heart problems or other physical ailments. Don’t forget to consult your physician about any exercise plan. Be sure to proceed from a beginner’s pace and then slowly increase to a more advanced level as you get used to exercising more.

And always bear in mind that not all people are meant to be thin and svelte as high fashion runway models. There is no harm in splurging on that verboten favorite treat a few times a month, as long as you revert back to your healthy-eating regimen. Everyone deserves a special treat. Look for low-calorie ways to lighten up your favorite treats so you don’t feel so deprived and in need of the calorie-laden ones.

Happy New Year!

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