Water Saving Tips in the Kitchen and the Laundry

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Save water even if the rains are still here. Here are some tips for the kitchen and the laundry room:

For the kitchen:

  • Use a basin of water when washing vegetables. Soak them first to remove dirt and chemical residue before rinsing.
  • Immediately soak pots and dirty dishes in a basin of water prior to washing. Doing so would soften the food particles that readily dry up and which would require repeated washings to remove.
  • Try not to thaw frozen food under running water. Doing so is wasteful.
  • Soak greasy dishes and pots in a basin of lukewarm water with some dishwashing liquid thrown in. Doing so would readily remove grease and save water from what would ordinarily be removed by repeated washings.

For the laundry:

  • For laundry done by washing machine: Only wash with a full load of laundry. Only use the indicated water needed by the machine — this goes with the detergent as well. Try to avoid double washing — if there is a pre-soak functions, use it.
  • For hand washing: Soak clothes first to soften and sometimes, remove dirt, this would make repeated washing unnecessary. Turn-off the tap when washing, it is a wasteful practice.
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